More than a dozen children and adults became ill after a Verizon cell tower was turned on in Pittsfield, MA during the pandemic.

The residents have been asking their local officials to protect them for nearly a year to no avail.

As is the case with most town boards, the Pittsfield Health Director and Board of Health admit they know very little about the biological effects of today’s wireless technology.

So they turned to state-level authorities who offered to join them for a public forum, and to conduct an epidemiological study.

Then the Massachusetts Department of Public Health rescinded both offers.

We are grateful the Pittsfield Board of Health followed through on its promise to still hold a public forum and bring in qualified experts:

Paul Heroux, PhD, Professor of Toxicology & Health Effects of Electromagnetism, McGill University

David Carpenter, MD, Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, University of Albany

Sheena Symington, Director, The Electrosensitive Society

Magda Havas, PhD, EMF Scientist and Professor Emeritus of Trent University
Please share this with your own town’s Board of Health, Select Board/City Councilors, Zoning and Planning Boards, and Legal Council.

For far too long the wireless industry has given our towns disinformation, financial incentives and legal threats to install toxic wireless infrastructure. Our towns deserve to know the facts, risks and legally viable options for safer technology.

Please invite your town, and your loved ones, to learn from the experts brought in to Pittsfield so town-by-town, we can move the needle to safe, fast, sustainable fiber-optic technology — not more toxic wireless.


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