Dear Boulder Family,
Last night the City Council voted to override the City Manager’s previous decision. Council voted to agree with our request to have Devra Davis, PhD, and Grant Wilson, attorney, included in next week’s study session.
We feel wonderful about that decision, and it is heartening to know the City Council listened to its citizens.
Your emails to the Council were a major factor in the Council making the decision it did. THANK YOU for the emails you sent!
Here is the email I sent to the Council today:
Dear Council Members,
Your March 19 meeting concerned Verizon wanting to place a grouping of cell phone transmission antennas on the roof of the south Boulder Recreation Center. At that meeting, numerous concerned citizens presented testimony, including evidence of cancer clusters in schools where cell antennas have been placed, and we asked the council to not approve Verizon’s request. The City Council completely ignored our testimony and you did whatever you wanted to do.
From that, I was very discouraged, feeling there was no point in communicating with the Council.
However, last night I felt you were really listening to the citizens who spoke, and you had really paid attention to the emails you had received from us.
Councilman Weaver, it was gratifying to hear you refer to Grant Wilson’s policy paper Small Cell Facilities in Boulder, CO: Planning Ahead for an Evolving Legal Regime
It was gratifying you commented that the paper presented good ideas, and you asked Council members to read it before the study session. 
Our group of concerned citizens had been viewing this study session as step one, and step two will be asking the Council to consider passing ordinances for safer and saner implementation of 5G, as presented in Grant’s policy paper.
Boulder will then be a model for cities nationwide. Boulder has been a model in many other ways and I hope you’ll agree it will be great for Boulder to be a model for about safer and saner implementation of 5G.
Jane, when you gave so little time for each presenter in the agenda, I was initially dismayed. However, last night you explained that was to leave maximum time for questions and answers. That is a very smart strategy and I commend you for that decision. 
To all of you Council members, my heartfelt thank you. We all look forward to next week’s study session being a step forward to moving into the future while protecting the health and well-being of the citizens of Boulder.
Richard Shane, PhD 
Boulder family, I ask you to please send an email to the City Council thanking them for their decision last night. People like to be positively recognized and your emails could help the City Council make favorable decisions in next week’s study session.
The study session is Tuesday July 23, 6PM at the Boulder Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, southwest corner of Broadway and Canyon. Come to the study session and CELEBRATE OUR VICTORY!
Please remember to wear something green so Council members see us represented in the room.
The public is not allowed to talk at these meetings. That includes no cheering when a good point is made and no derogatory sounds when a point is made you do not like.
Lastly, in case there is any part of you that wonders if the 5G and EMF issue is just a concern from people on the fringe, here are two powerful articles from respected media:
The Nation

How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special InvestigationThe disinformation campaign—and massive radiation increase—behind the 5G rollout.

New Yorker Magazine
Especially about its use for surveillance of citizens
Family, thank you again because our success was possible because of your actions and support.
With care,
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