Coloradans for Safe Technology

We advocate the deployment of safe technology in our world


Together we can make a difference!

Coloradans for Safe Technology (CO4ST)


    •  Is a state-wide education and advocacy group with no
      affiliation to any political or religious group or party


    • Recognizes and promotes independent, peer-reviewed,
      science-based research only


    •  Is inclusive, welcoming all who have an interest in helping
      achieve CO4ST’s vision.


    • Operates on the basis of mutual respect and cooperation at
      all times


    • CO4ST comprises various teams and support resources
      focusing on education, outreach, and advocacy with
      overall coordination and governance via a steering team


    • Vision: A world where responsible, modern technology serves
      our needs while protecting the health and well-being of
      ourselves, our societies and all living things.


    • Mission: CO4ST seeks to educate the public on the risks and
      downsides of wireless technology and to promote the
      implementation of safe, efficient alternatives.


  • Approach: CO4ST offers an action platform for engaging with policy
    makers and legislators on moving Colorado towards safe
    technology. CO4ST empowers members by providing them
    with educational resources, advocacy tools, community forums,
    access to expert speakers and research data, and opportunities
    to participate in local and statewide action teams.

Please CONTACT us with any questions.



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead.